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Verify Your Identity

How to verify your identity in Rain?

At Rain, we make sure to apply the industry’s best practices to maintain account integrity. Rain is licensed and regulated by the central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), and as per the regulations set forth by the CBB, we are required to request KYC documents from all of our users.


What do you need to verify your identity? In order to use Rain, you must first successfully provide the required identification information:

  • Two forms of a government issued Identification (passport, national ID, residency card or driver’s license)
  • Access to your device's camera and microphone.



Once you verify your phone number, the next step will be to verify your identity. By clicking continue, you will be directed to the steps to verify your identity, which are as follows: 

  1. Choose the type of document you would like to submit.
  2. Submit your documents. You can securely take a picture of the documents. Make sure the picture is clear with no blur or glare.

If you are using your computer to complete the verification process, you will have the option to scan a barcode to complete verification from your phone or receive an SMS that contains the verification link.


After submitting your documents, you will be required to submit a video verification.

Once your application is completed and submitted, it takes up to 24 hours for it to be reviewed. We will notify you via email once approved. If your signup process is pending for more than 24 hours, please contact us here.


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