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Withdrawal Bank Charges

Transfers within Bahrain

There are no bank charges deducted for local transfers of BHD within Bahrain. Your bank account will be credited with the same amount you withdrew from your Rain account.

International Transfers

When making an international transfer to your bank account from your Rain account, you are credited with what we send from our bank account, minus any wire transfer fees. There might be a discrepancy between what we send and what you receive. This is due to the different bank charges that vary between different banks. 

  • Make sure you send the same currency as the receiving account. Sending the value in a different currency will result in additional charges, thus reducing the amount you receive.
  • Your bank may be using a corresponding bank account to receive your transfer from our bank account. This may cause the transfer to lose some of its value in transit, as the intermediary bank(s) take their fees from the amount. 

Important: Withdrawal Bank Charges will be changed shortly as Bank charges are implemented on Rain with a fixed amount per currency for international withdrawals. These charges are strictly collected by correspondent banks and intermediary banks (if any) to cover transfer charges. Rain does not collect any part of these fees.

Withdrawal Bank Charges:

The following amounts are applied for each fiat currency for international withdrawals to cover the bank charges: 

Bahraini Dinar: No bank charges are applied on transactions within Bahrain. 
Saudi Riyal: SAR 50
Kuwaiti Dinar: KWD 5
UAE Dirham: AED 50
Omani Rial: OMR 5
US Dollar: USD 15 


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