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Bank transfer fees for deposits

At Rain, we do not charge fees on deposits, you are credited what we receive to our bank account. However, corresponding banks may charge an international wire transfer fee. Rain does not collect any part of this fee.

Local Transfers from Bahrain
Local transfers from Bahrain through Fawri, Fawri+ are free of charge, the exact amount you sent will be credited to your account. Click here for more information about depositing funds using Fawri and Fawri+.

International Transfers
International transfers (from outside Bahrain) might have added fees due to bank charges and there might be a discrepancy between the amount you send, and what we receive. 


  • Make sure you/your bank send the correct currency. Sending funds in a different currency will result in additional charges. For more information on depositing the correct currency, click here.
  • Your bank may be using a corresponding bank account to deliver your transfer to our bank account. This may cause the transfer to lose some of its value in transit, as the intermediary bank(s) take their fees from the amount. 

For example, if Saudi Riyal (SAR) was the default currency of your Rain account and you requested a deposit in SAR, make sure of the following:

  • Choose the correct currency (SAR) while adding our SAR bank account details to your beneficiary list. 
  • Make sure you initiate the transfer to the correct IBAN as we have different IBANS for each currency. 
  • Choose the correct currency (SAR) when transferring to our SAR bank account.
  • Check with your bank to make sure they send the correct currency (In this example SAR).


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