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Explanation of Rain Pro Fees Structure

The pricing structure on the Rain Pro also differs from the Rain Brokerage platform.

There are two types of fee structures:

1. Maker Fees:

We charge 0.05% of the traded volume on maker orders. A maker order does not trade immediately, for example, limit orders. Once placed, the orders stay in the order book until another buyer fulfills them. So, they create liquidity in the form of fiat or cryptocurrency by placing this order. We call them 'Makers' because they make the market by providing this liquidity.


2. Taker Fees:

We charge 0.05% of the traded volume on taker orders. A taker order is traded immediately by matching a maker's order. Market orders are always Takers since they do not enter the order book; instead, they are fulfilled immediately. Takers consumer order book liquidity.

Please note that no additional charges are added on top for our customers to use Rain Pro. 

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