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What is Rain Pro?

Rain Pro is an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform designed to facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies through an order matching system. It has been built to serve our most experienced cryptocurrency traders and facilitate their technical needs. Rain is not a cryptocurrency exchange in itself.

This platform enables traders and investors to monitor their accounts and trade through financial mediators. It is where the users can conduct different kinds of trading strategies.

Features of Rain Pro
The Rain Pro is designed to be user-friendly. It has a candle chart that shows users the historical prices of the cryptocurrencies, providing a good summary of the price behavior. The candlestick patterns indicate bearish or bullish reversals. Moreover, there is an order book and a trade history summary, open orders, and closed orders. Users can also set the limit and stop amount for their trades.

Order Routing
Buy orders on the Rain Pro are processed through order routing. Order routing is the process of sending your order to a market maker or directly to an exchange. Rain uses its live market of buyers and sellers, where all transactions from Rain Pro are routed and executed. There are several enhancements and differences between Rain Pro and Rain Brokerage interface in buying and selling crypto and the trading fees.

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