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Trading Rules



Rain Pro has certain rules and restrictions that are applied pre-trade that will vary based on the product and market for which you intend to trade.

Minimum Price Increment

The minimum allowed price increment on the order book, also known as tick size, is the minimum allowed change to the price for Limit orders on Rain Pro. For example on the BTC/USD order book, the minimum size between orders must be greater than $0.001 USD. 


Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity or minimum trade size is the minimum required to place an order on Rain pro. For example on the BTC/USD order book the minimum order size is .0001 BTC this means that orders cannot be created for buying or selling any amount of BTC below .0001 on Rain Pro.




This is a subset of the trading rules for order creation and does not include all terms and conditions for using Rain pro. For a full understanding please refer to the user agreement and the trading rules legal documents.


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